Beyond the Tipping Point: What has Happened Since Wireless Guidelines Changed

To satisfy the rapidly growing demand for wireless broadband, wireless carriers are aggressively expanding their network capacity. In addition, a number of municipalities are moving forward with Smart City initiatives, accelerated plans for autonomous vehicles and a growing list of IoT products and applications. These initiatives continue to add to the demand for more wireless Read More

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What is an ALTA/NSPS Survey & How is it Used?

When it comes to land deals, such as real estate transactions, development and more, a key part of due diligence is to have a standard format for the various parties to evaluate the investment. While there are a variety of land surveys available, an ALTA/NSPS Survey provides a standard base that all parties recognize. Parties Read More

Promontory Underground Basin: Breaking Tradition

Promontory is coming to Overland Park and bringing exciting opportunities for the future of the city along with it. If you’re not familiar with the development, Promontory is slated to be a $97.5 million mixed-use redevelopment project that combines active lifestyle, leisure and retail into one. Developing in three phases, Phase 1 is well underway Read More

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Roads Don’t Have to be Wider to Move More Traffic

From ancient Roman roads to the 20th Century, we assume roads have to get wider to move more traffic. However, we are helping our customers to understand that this is no longer automatically true.  As communities continue to advance and innovate, the most effective road may be different than it used to be. Whenever engineers Read More

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Advantages of Using 3D Revit BIM in Renovations

We know one of the very costly aspects of a renovation and retrofit project is the occurrence of errors due to insufficient knowledge of existing conditions of a building and its infrastructure.  When we were asked by Dalmark Development Group, LLC to provide a 3D Revit building information model (BIM) of the existing conditions of Read More

Protect Your Investment with Due Diligence

If you ask anyone who is successful how they did it, I guarantee their story would have some amount of failure or loss. Bad decisions or investments are bound to happen, but the best way to be sure about a decision is by doing your due diligence. By definition due diligence is: the care that Read More

What is Stormwater Utility?

What is a Stormwater Utility? Once upon a time, not that long ago, Kansas City was a region of grassland, woods, and prairie where precipitation fell and meandered its way to the great rivers.  Even then, there were flooding and stormwater issues. As the community established itself and continues to grow, a percentage of the Read More

Does the Long Eared Bat Affect your Schedule?

Construction delays are not uncommon in the A/E/C industry. They can be caused by the climate, change in project scope, design changes, subcontractors, etc. None of these causes are out of the ordinary but one fairly new cause of delays might strike you as odd, which is the northern long-eared bat (NLEB). The northern long Read More

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