The Importance of Giving Back to the Community

It’s no doubt that the world we live in today is fast-moving, extremely complex, and sometimes even disappointing. In the grander scheme of things we are all just tiny specs on a map, longing to make an everlasting impact on the world around us. By trade, engineers inherently impact the world as their work can last decades (or longer!) and can definitively change the landscape in which we live. Aside from our work here at BHC RHODES, community outreach and involvement is another way that we strive to make a positive impact that has perpetual purpose. After all, the very core of our company is a mission statement that revolves around our commitment to service. There are many benefits from being involved in the community. Here are a few things we have discovered along the way:

Enhanced Sense of BelongingWyandotte County Back to School Fund Donation

Through volunteering we find a new sense of belonging within the community. Whether we’re donating money for school supplies to the Wyandotte County Back to School Fair, or repairing houses as a team for Christmas in October employees realize we are a brand to stand behind because we truly care about our community on a deeper level. Beyond the business clothes, muddy boots, busy office scene, meetings, and emails, lies the groundwork of opportunity for everyone to join together and simply belong.

A Humble Reminder

While we all have a certain sense of discretionary importance within our careers, giving to the community provides a fresh reminder that we are a small part of something way bigger. When we all put our feet on the same level of ground, we step forward together for the common good of something larger than we could ever complete on our own——and it feels great.

Exemplifies Ground Up Leadership

Everyone has heard the sentiment that a ‘good leader’ is someone who leads by example, sometimes that means getting their hands dirty and doing the work themselves. Company-sponsored community outreach is the perfect opportunity to exemplify such traits. Employees seeing their leaders work alongside them for the benefit of the community is a trust-building experience for all. After all, how do we expect our staff to dedicate their time to giving if we as leaders aren’t willing to do so as ourselves?

At BHC RHODES we are constantly refining our giving efforts. We offer planned opportunities so employees have a framework and agenda to workVolunteering as a Company at Christmas in October towards. In addition, we encourage community involvement by exemplifying as a company how important giving is through our Community Choice program, where employees may pick an organization of their choice, and the company will make a $50 donation once-annually on their behalf. Here are some of the questions we are constantly pondering: As a company, how do we encourage employees to give their time? How do we change the perception that community involvement is simply donating a check? What are the ways that we can be most impactful when giving our time or money? We would like to hear from you. Comment to let us know how and why your company gives.




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