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Gain career insights and hand-ons knowledge from experts in the A/E/C field.



Gain career insights and hand-ons knowledge from experts in the A/E/C field.


Intern At BHC

This is a transformative internship experience unlike any other. At BHC, we don’t believe in the traditional coffee-fetching intern role. We see our interns as valuable contributors, engaging in meaningful work that makes a real impact. As a vital member of our team, you’ll dive into hands-on projects, working alongside experienced professionals.

During this dynamic 10-week internship, you’ll have the chance to conduct relevant research on industry-specific topics, presenting your findings directly to our leadership team. Beyond the workspace, our interns enjoy exclusive access to networking events with fellow young professionals in the vibrant KC metro area. Embrace team-building activities, participate in fundraising initiatives, and join in on all company events for a well-rounded experience.

Meet our 2023 interns

Why Choose The BHC Internship?

after your internship

We believe in fostering long-term connections with our interns and offering a seamless transition into the school year.

Embracing flexibility, we extend the opportunity for you to work part-time, accommodating your schedule and adjusting the workload to align with your academic commitments.

tuition Reimbursement

Interns who are eligible and choose to remain part of our team during the school year may have the opportunity to have their final semester of classes financially supported through our tuition reimbursement policy.

At BHC, we recognize and invest in the ongoing educational pursuits of our committed employees, fostering a culture where professional growth is not only valued but actively supported.

They Started as Interns

Discover the pathway from internship to a fulfilling career at BHC! We take pride in our tradition of converting interns into full-time employees after the summer program. We have so many unique opportunities, professional development, and supportive culture that makes our interns an integral part of our long-term success.

Below are some of our incredible employees that started out as interns!

Explore Diverse Internship Opportunities With Us!

Our unique internship program is tailored to your interests and career goals. Civil engineering is a broad field with many potential career options, and it’s our goal to give you as much exposure as possible. As an engineering intern you will rotate through our Utilities, Development, Survey, and Public Works departments, working alongside engineers on real projects and gaining hands-on experience.

But that’s not all – we offer internship opportunities throughout other departments! Whether you’re passionate about honing your people management skills or eager to explore the dynamic realm of marketing, we have the perfect avenue for you to thrive and grow.

supporting a higher education

At BHC, we take pride in fostering academic excellence and supporting the aspirations of future engineers.
To support our employees through higher education, BHC offers 100% tuition reimbursement for employees working on graduate degrees and 85% tuition reimbursement for undergraduate degrees. 

As a testament to our continued commitment to education, we are honored to be a corporate partner for the K-State Engineering Leadership Innovation program (ELI). ELI empowers students with the essential skills and confidence required to lead impactful real-world engineering projects.

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Listen to our class of 2019 podcast.

Available Intern Positions

We have open intern positions waiting for someone like you to fill them. Check out all our career paths and submit your resume. We’d love to meet you!

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Interns Over the Years

Intern Insights: What our former interns have to say about their experience

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