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Customer Service. Guaranteed.

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Providing good customer service is an important philosophy in business. Some companies boast about exceptional customer service and how it is their number one priority. At least that’s what businesses want customers to believe. 80% of companies say they deliver great customer service. But do they really? All companies have their own way of defining customer service, including us. Our ‘no problem’ service is proven because our customers tell us so.

Customer service to us is about ensuring that our customers feel informed and that their needs are met as we help them become successful. How a customer feels about a company, product or service is a major purchasing factor. Much of the buying decision still comes from necessity, but studies are showing that the customer experience is the hot trend. The customer experience is a culmination of the customer’s interaction with the company from the beginning, through the transaction and beyond.

When we began expanding our services, Kevin Honomichl, President of BHC, sought out industry opinions on service and consistently heard the same feedback, “engineers are the ‘no’ people,” or the customer felt a lack of regular communication and active collaboration on projects. It became apparent that customer service was our opportunity to be different. So, we did what every other firm was doing, but to a higher degree. By putting our focus into exceptional customer service, the solution became “no problem.”

To be a “no problem” customer service provider means we give our customers not only what they want, but what they want to experience. We have built a team and a culture mentality to be the best and most innovative civil engineering and surveying firm. We take a proactive approach to each project and we sweat the small stuff, solving all of the little problems along the way. Thinking outside the box, maintaining an open line of communication and always being an advocate for our customer and their project is what we are good at. It’s important to us that we never, never, never miss a deadline and that we get our customer’s deal done on their timeline.

Our “no problem” best practice is to ensure our service goes beyond the customer’s expectations by building continuity between our team and the customer. When we exceed their expectations, we gain their trust. One added value that we pride ourselves on is how we are able to bridge the gap for future projects with our customers. BHC is extremely diverse and able to segue across different markets and industry segments.

It’s not all about business, though. “No problem” is going the extra mile to really get to know our customer’s values and how to support those values. Our founders believe in the principle of community and industry engagement. We do this by actively participating in local charity events, professional organizations, regional economic development and other outreach where our customers are involved. By investing time and resources into these interests, we stay in sync with market trends and continue to provide the best customer experience possible.

So, how do we guarantee our customers receive excellent customer service? All of our employees sign the “No Problem” Customer Service Pledge when they join the team. This pledge is our promise that every team member has the same focus – a commitment to serve our customers. In 2018, we are growing our “no problem” brand and rolling out our “No Problem: Next Gen” program. This means that when you choose BHC, you are choosing engineering services with unmatched customer service.

So, what have we learned over the years? Among other things, we have learned how to build loyalty, trust and long-lasting relationships with our customers. In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, 65% of customers rated BHC as ‘Excellent’, ‘Exceptional Service’ and ‘Exceeding Expectations.’ We are happy to deliver exceptional customer service and we know the “no problem” attitude has served our customers well.

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