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Public Works

Our projects serve communities and provide positive change to those that live there. Our experts are ready to design and invest in these communities.


We Invest in the Future.

Public Works projects serve communities across America – including the roads you drive on; the sidewalks kids’ play on and the traffic signals that keep us safe. Projects like these are investments in our future, and the planning process needs to reflect that. Engineering projects with detailed specifications, layers of applicable codes and regulations is nothing new. We are ready to partner with you to design for your community’s future. 

We Can Do Pretty Much Anything

Service Types:
  • Construction Inspections
  • Smart Cities
  • Street & Highway Design
  • Public Planning
  • Trail Design
  • GIS Implementation
  • Right-of-Way Permitting and Management

Meet Our Diversified Public Works Portfolio

When it comes to Public Works, we have done it all. No matter your industry or timeline, we are here to meet your needs while delivering world-class customer service without a problem.

Project Category
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian
  • Complete Streets
  • Asset Inventories & Management
  • Roadway Modernization
  • Water & Sanitary Sewer
  • Traffic Projects & Studies
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Stormwater Management
  • On-Call Services
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