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Our Built In Advantage

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There are a lot of tough decisions to consider when beginning new infrastructure projects. Choosing a reputable engineering firm shouldn’t be one of them. The decision to choose a firm is not always based on a firm’s culture, trustworthiness or customer service, but we suggest it should be. We would like to take a moment and share what service and our built in advantage means at BHC and what you can expect when working with us.

BHC has always been the “No Problem Place” and our expert staff pride themselves on delivering “No Problem” service. This focus goes back to many years spent talking with our potential customers and customers alike, asking the hard questions, “what is it that drives you crazy about working with engineers,” and “what is the one thing you wish your engineering partners did differently?” We determined communication and being responsive are the top priorities of customers in our industry, and our “No Problem” philosophy was born from this field work.

Here is some feedback we get from our customers:

“In our experience with BHC, they take the time and have the depth of understanding to consider the bigger picture. Some firms can’t see outside their defined scope of services. BHC is a partner; interested in the overall success of the project.”

Michael Berenbom, Vice President – Investments LANE4 Property Group, Inc.

Trust is another level of quality included with our built-in advantage. We have earned the trust of our customers time and time again by exceeding their expectations with our services. We support a system of checks and balances in our internal processes and hold ourselves accountable so our customers don’t have to. We build trust by open lines of communication between our Project Managers and customers by submitting weekly project status reports. It is our commitment to customer service and quality work that enforces this trust and it is what you can expect when you choose us.

“BHC provides exceptional professional effort and quality that is rarely seen in our industry. I have yet to be promised a time or date that has not been met or beat. Performance is the reason why BHC will be the Civil Engineer of choice for our future projects.”

Craig J. Fisch, Senior Project Manager, formerly with McTECH Corp – Midwest Division

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It’s not just a chart-topping classic, it is something we have earned over the last 26 years. When you choose BHC, you’re choosing award winning industry experts. Here is a few things we are proud of. In 2018, BHC was in the top 10 of the Kansas City Business Journal’s Fast 50 list. Our Marketing and Communications team won their second national Marketing Excellence award and our leadership has presented at national industry organizations and continues to coach and mentor to our industry.

BHC has also been recognized for several public improvement projects including our work on the Grandview Main Street Revitalization Project. We have completed a number of pedestrian projects like Safe Routes to Schools and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance studies, as well. No matter how challenging or minor a project may seem, we understand how important each project is. Every day we are helping our customers to achieve success and elevate the AEC industry.

Not every engineering firm is the same and we get that. Those firms who have found their market niche is what makes the AEC industry unique and innovative. It is the built-in advantages like customer service, culture, respect and expertise that make the great firms stand out and make us all better. Come experience “No Problem” with us.

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