5 Ways 5G Will Change Your Life

  Historically, there have been three industrial revolutions each transforming innovation and technology. Currently, we are in the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution – the cyber revolution. Which combines the physical and digital world ignited by the implementation of 5G. The hype surrounding 5G has been dominating the telecommunications industry and will continue to Read More

Engineering the “Amazing”

Smart City

  Every day across the Kansas City Metro area there are tens of thousands of people involved in serving both neighbors and strangers; thinking of better ways to build things; more economical ways to meet people’s needs; new tools to do more; faster methods to share information; safer ways to go about our daily routines and Read More

Abandoned Underground Utilities Need Standardization

Installation of underground utility facilities is on the rise and likely will not be slowing down. Although, some utilities are forced underground, many are voluntarily choosing to go beneath the surface. This is due to a number of reasons that range from; being more aesthetically acceptable than poles, better protection underground, technological advances in equipment, Read More

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