Engineering the “Amazing”

Smart City

  Every day across the Kansas City Metro area there are tens of thousands of people involved in serving both neighbors and strangers; thinking of better ways to build things; more economical ways to meet people’s needs; new tools to do more; faster methods to share information; safer ways to go about our daily routines and Read More

Abandoned Underground Utilities Need Standardization

Installation of underground utility facilities is on the rise and likely will not be slowing down. Although, some utilities are forced underground, many are voluntarily choosing to go beneath the surface. This is due to a number of reasons that range from; being more aesthetically acceptable than poles, better protection underground, technological advances in equipment, Read More

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Small Cells, Big Impact

In today’s wireless society, the use of small cells has become prevalent as users demand better and faster networks. And it’s easy to understand why. Small cells deliver cost-effective network coverage in an aesthetically pleasing design. Most users are unaware of the cells stationed strategically around their cities. The age of small cells comes at Read More

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Healthcare design is going outside the box

Maybe it’s the millennial take-over or maybe the high-cost of healthcare in America, but it’s obvious that society is becoming more conscious of their health and wellness. Today, experts say that healthcare is becoming more consumer-driven and providers are shifting to a holistic, wellness focus of care. What this means is: consumers are trying to Read More

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Better Project Life Performance

  This month our Utilities Service Director, Bill Brungardt, P.E., was a podcast guest of ISE President, Janice Oliva. The discussion, ‘Planning and Design for Better Project Life Performance’, focuses on areas of design that result in economical and sustainable fiber deployments, which has been a balancing act for engineers since the 1980’s. Conduit Count Read More