FCC New Rules

  Deploying broadband infrastructure is critical, now more than ever.  Attaching fiber cable to utility poles has long been preferred to burying cable for those focused primarily on cost-savings and quick deployment.  But, when multiple attaching companies have fiber occupying one pole, it becomes nearly impossible for the next attacher to move them in a Read More

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Fiber to Your Home

Fiber to the Home

  In 2012 Google Fiber launched in Kansas City creating a Fiber to the Home (FTTh) network unlike anything consumers had seen before. The service offered increased bandwidth and high speeds (for uploads and downloads) for each resident – with entertainment driving the need for reliable internet. The success generated from Google Fiber shows FTTh Read More

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Mapping the Future with GIS

  We track our money, packages, exercise – the list goes on. So why not track municipality projects to plan for the future? Currently, consumers use platforms such as Google Maps to identify where traffic is clear, slow-moving or heavy. Icons may indicate an accident, or road work, usually without details of the situation. But Read More

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