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Fourth Street (US-73 / K-7) from Choctaw Street to Seneca Street

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4th Street
Fourth Street

Fourth Street (looking north at Choctaw) – February 2022

Fourth Street (US-73/K-7) is the primary route through Leavenworth’s Central Business District. This City project will address deteriorating concrete pavement, replace curb and gutter and failing sidewalks, make traffic signal improvements, and upgrade an aging brick storm sewer under the street. KDOT will help cover a portion of the costs thru $1.0M in CCLIP Pavement Restoration funds.

Fourth Street Flyover (north to south and south to north) – February 2022

Project Limits

  • Fourth Street from the south side of Choctaw Street to the north side of Seneca Street
  • Additional striping and signs may be installed at each end of the project to blend traffic into the improved section of Fourth Street

Project Schedule

  • Design Completed – February 2023
  • Utility Relocations Completed – February 2023
  • Begin Construction – April 2023
  • Storm Sewer Installation / Other Project Construction (Demolition, Grading, Curb & Gutter)
  • Roadway Paving
  • Open to Traffic – Late 2023 / Early 2024 (dependent on weather and utility relocations)
  • Plantings / Pavement Markings / Restoration – Spring 2024

Project Updates

June 21, 2022 Update (Presentation to City Commission)

  • Four different lane/traffic signal scenarios were analyzed to compare existing conditions with potential signal changes within the current 4-lane section and also if converting to a 3-lane roadway.
  • The 3-lane alternative was selected for several reasons:
    • Provides wider through lanes (11’) for truck and vehicular traffic (versus existing 10’ lanes).
    • Narrows the crossing distance for pedestrians at intersections (35’ vs. 40’).
    •  Provides more space between truck traffic and buildings.
    • Adds 1.5’ of additional sidewalk width on the east side of Fourth Street.
    • Provides a continuous center turn lane for left-turning vehicles.  This typically helps decrease rear-end collisions.
    • Avoids extra delays or causing backups that would create new problems for motorists.
  • The traffic signals at Delaware, Cherokee, and Shawnee were evaluated per current design criteria. These results will be considered in the final design.
  • The final version of the Fourth Street Traffic plan is being prepared for KDOT’s approval and construction authorization.

January 27 Update

What To Expect on Fourth Street

This project will adjust how public right-of-way is being used along Fourth Street. Instead of four narrow lanes where the inside lanes also have to function as left-turn lanes, the street will be changed to provide a wider lane for thru-traffic in each direction and a dedicated left-turn lane in the middle. Sidewalks can also be widened to take advantage of the narrower roadway.

[insert graphics illustrating new roadway here]

In late 2022 and early 2023, utility companies may start doing work along and adjacent to the Fourth Street project area. They may have to move their facilities that would be impacted by the project or may choose to upgrade their lines in the area before the street construction occurs.

Roadway construction in 2023 will most likely require the closure of one or more blocks of Forth Street at a time. This allows the contractor to do work more efficiently than if they have to keep lanes open to traffic. This approach can ultimately save the City both time and money. Traffic will be detoured via adjacent streets. More detailed information on detours will be shared as we get closer to construction.

Contact Us

Mr. Earl Wilkinson

Project Manager

City Of Leavenworth

(913) 684-0375

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