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BHC President Kevin Honomichl Speaks at A/E/C Executive Roundtable

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Last week, BHC President Kevin Honomichl attended Zweig Group’s A/E/C Executive Roundtable event in Dallas, Texas. During the three-day event, A/E/C firm leaders across the country joined together to discuss the current state of the industry and explore what’s next based on current trends. These leaders not only learned from the speakers but had the opportunity of participating in group discussions that focused on the most pressing topics for A/E/C firms.  

The event centered around gaining valuable insight into new tools and ideas that are most efficient when maneuvering around certain challenges facing our industry. Some of the key topics included recruiting and retention, scalable growth, employee development, risk management, and succession planning.   

This year was special as it was the first in-person A/E/C Executive Roundtable since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Honomichl had the opportunity to participate as a panel speaker on the topic of recruiting and retention which invited interesting conversation to this roundtable discussion. “It was great to share ideas with other professional service company leaders in a collaborative environment,” said Honomichl. 

In conjunction with the panel speakers, audience members had the chance to share out and bring more ideas to the table. Honomichl added, “It was really interesting to hear the questions from the audience relative to the information we shared.  The questions and ideas that the audience brought caused me to reflect productively on my views.” 

Some of the biggest takeaways from this year’s event for Honomichl focused on how internal factors lead to big impacts outside the firm with expansion and innovation, all while navigating through the current challenges of the industry.  

Honomichl brought attention to how learning and growing go hand in hand, mentioning that, “your people can’t become better leaders just doing what you do every day. You have to get out and gain perspective from other good leaders and from role model firms.” In order to continue progressing further as a company, discipline needs to sit at the core in order to cause change and raise the standards of innovation.  

This year’s event will help generate discussion and bring new ideas to the table. BHC will continue expanding our talent and bringing exciting changes to communities across the United States. 

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