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Broadband Summit Kicks Off In Wichita

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The Kansas Broadband Summit kicked off its inaugural event on January 19, 2023, which will serve as an annual conference to discuss the working efforts of bringing high-speed, affordable broadband access to Kansans statewide. This conference results from the successful push to obtain federal and state funding through the Infrastructure Bill and establish a new office for the purpose of broadband expansion goals.

In early 2020, Governor Laura Kelly created the Kansas Department of Commerce Office of Broadband Development (KOBD). This newly established office was created with the goal of finding solutions to the broadband access challenges that Kansans face which has sparked greater efforts in broadband deployment at an expedited rate. With this established office, the state of Kansas can better prepare for funding that will increase broadband infrastructure and digital literacy programs.

Our team had the pleasure of attending the Kansas Broadband Summit and meeting with leaders cross-state who will use their combined leadership to help complete the goals created up to this point and beyond. The event provides industry leaders the opportunity to find efficient ways to work together and apply federal and state funding to have the greatest return on high-speed broadband deployment.

The Director of The Office of Broadband Development, Jade Prios De Carvalho, kicked off the conference by sharing her thoughts on the current strides Kansas has made in broadband access expansion and sharing ways the KOBD is turning plans into a reality through a wide range of funding opportunities.

BHC Builds The Internet

For 30 years, BHC has been engineering fiber optic projects across North and South America. Our expertise has lead our team to work with some of the largest names in the telecommunications industry. We are proud of the work we do every day to bring connectivity to our communities that is critical for safety, education, and communication.

BHC supports the state in connecting more Kansans to affordable, high-speed broadband and is ready to provide support in the planned expansion of broadband deployment.

Director of The Office of Broadband Development, Jade Prios De Carvalho
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