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UPROW Committee Wins International APWA Award

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The UPROW Committee has won the 2022 APWA Exceptional Performance in Chapter Journalism for their “A Day in the Life” video series.

The Utilities and Public Right of Way Committee (UPROW) is comprised of 19 members from the Kansas City Metro Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA). Their purpose and mission is to increase awareness and promote the best use of public right-of-way for both local and national use. They also have stated they hope to benefit utility and right-of-way stakeholders and make a positive impact on the utility industry through education, discussion, and other resources.”

“A Day in the Life”, features a three-part video series covering aspects of the who, what, where, when, and why of the public right-of-way.

First in the series introduces what the public right-of-way is, its users, and how this public asset should be responsibly utilized and maintained. The second video features the duties of a right-of-way manager. A ROW management professional is focused on several things; keeping people safe when work is happening in the public right-of-way, assuring that the work meets city requirements, spot potential problems before they happen, and utilize the right-of-way as efficiently as possible. The third video of the series shadows a ROW Contractor. These contractors specialize in the installation or relocation of public utilities.

Randy Gorton, Vice President and Public Works Group Director, has been a big contributor to the UPROW video series. Our Public Works team has extensive experience with ROW projects here in the Kansas City metro as well as outside municipalities. Our team specializes in Right-of-Way Permitting and Management and Construction Inspection to ensure your ROW projects are successful.

Congratulations to the entire UPROW Committee on winning this award.

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