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Utility Coordination & Relocations


Johnson County Gateway

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BHC was the utility design lead for Phase II of the Johnson County Gateway Project. The project was the first design-build project undertaken in Kansas, as well as the largest contract awarded by KDOT. BHC completed the designs of 25 utility relocations including sanitary sewer, water lines and various telecommunications systems. BHC was responsible for the coordination of designs performed by utility owners to make sure they were not in conflict with the current project or with future expansion for the Johnson County Gateway project. Efforts resulted in no schedule impacts and no change order requests from the contractors due to improper relocations. The relocations necessary were permitted quickly and efficiently so as not to impact construction. This lowered current utility relocation costs and will result in less utility cost in the future.

This project was a winner of the Excellence in Concrete Construction award from the American Concrete Institute.

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