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Nuclear Density Gauge

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Roads and buildings are only as good as the foundations they are built on. The nuclear density gauge provides our crew members working on earthwork and road construction a way to measure the density of solid material.

This process is used to assess compliance with density requirements for quality control. These quality checks provide reassurance to our clients that the construction work is being done in conformance to their requirements. By operating nuclear density gauges in-house at BHC, it provides us the ability to perform these measurements as often as we feel is appropriate and avoids using subconsultants who charge a set fee each time they return to a site.

Our inspection staff is experienced in operating this device and can accurately interpret the gauge output. Our staff can interpret the readings and provide feedback to the contractor as to whether any additional actions are needed on their part to achieve the required level of compaction.

Our Riverview Crossroads project has seen the benefits of using the nuclear density gauge to check the progress of road grading before pavement is installed. This process has helped to make sure our engineers and contractors are on the same page and that the road will last for years to come.

Contact us to learn more about how we can fulfill density requirements for quality control on your project.

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