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Photogrammetric Attachment Height Measurements

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Photogrammetric attachment height measurements help extract accurate measurements quickly from overhead service conductors via digital images from a high-resolution camera. The accurate measurements come from a calibrated visual target (CVT) stick which the O-Calc Pro software can process the images through advanced photogrammetry. These digital measurements are later applied to the pole’s model to identify actions moving forward.

This technology improves project agility by operating in circumstances in which a traditional hot stick is unable to. Even with a light rain drizzle or oversaturated land, hot stick utilization is impossible due to safety reasons. Given the camera is also safe to operate in the elements, this technology’s ability to function in the elements expedites the process to complete multiple jobs.

BHC’s Utilities Segment has employed the O-Calc DMT to process overhead service conductor measurements. Our team has been working locally to test this technology and prepare for larger scale projects. Projects of larger magnitude would normally require multiple field staff to perform the measurement collection with fewer poles collected each day using only a hot stick. With the CVT stick and O-calc DMT, two person teams can perform pole collection, doubling the amount of daily collections.

BHC is committed to supplying our employees with technology that best serves our customers. We will continue to use this technology to build on our expertise in utilities services.

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