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Pipe Camera

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One of the inevitable aspects of underground pipes is their deterioration over time. The Quickview AirHD pipe camera uses Bluetooth to communicate to Envirosite’s app to help our engineers collect data and control the camera’s function. Through high-powered optical zoom and rangefinder, the pipe camera can view defects in a pipe from afar and measure the length to the defect from the location of the camera suspended at the manhole. From there, engineers can use these videos and images to move forward in the project.

In December 2019, BHC had the opportunity to work with the City of Mission to inspect, evaluate and provide solutions for poorly functioning pipes with the help of the pipe camera. After performing the necessary inspection of these pipes, our Public Works Segment was able to generate reports easily and hand it over to the client with repair solutions from an engineering standpoint.

Oftentimes, the city must outsource a company to perform a separate pipe inspection on top of hiring engineers to propose solutions and execute the project. BHC’s ownership of The Quickview AirHD pipe camera streamlines the process of capturing images of the pipes which our engineers use to execute plans depending on the pipe conditions.

Pipes that have gone without inspection in recent years should be evaluated as soon as possible to reduce the damage done by corroded pipes. Contact us to get connected with an expert and receive more information about pipe inspection.

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