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Shifting The Future

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The future of living is here – how we live, where we live, how we work, where we work – all of these things play a big role in our lives today. And it doesn’t take a crystal ball to figure out where we go from here. All it takes is a shift in our thinking and adapting to technology.

Remember the Jetsons? Time warp to nearly 56 years later, some of the technology dreamed up in the cartoon is more present than future. Flying cars could be available to private users as early as 2019. Other futuristic technologies are in development and on their way to being commonplace by 2068. Our homes are already looking more and more futuristic, thanks to the rapidly increasing availability of smart home technology.

So we ask the question, “What is the variable new way of life?” Without argument, broadband has become the driving force of connectivity in our lives, shifting the future. BHC President, Kevin Honomichl, sat down with Blake Miller, host of The Future of Living Podcast to talk about the future of mobility and connectivity in our communities.

Developing A Connected Foundation

Despite reports of urban growth, Americans are still spreading out into suburban, ex-urban, and rural communities. For most, deciding where and how to live depends on many factors like accessibility, location, education systems for those with families, etc. It may not seem like it, but all of these things are driven by their ability to be mobile and connected.

Transportation has been a hot topic for the Kansas City region for a few years now. Our reality shifted in 2016 with the installation of the KC Streetcar. Rideshare services such as Uber, Lyft and the newest transportation craze, dockless scooters, are gaining popularity in Kansas City. “All of these modes of transportation make our communities more livable,” said Miller. Can you name one thing each of these modes have in common? AN APP! This is why connectivity is so important. Without the forethinking of broadband technology coordination in our city’s infrastructure, these services would likely not be available.

Mixed-use developments are a rising trend. Traditionally, this has been a urban trend but lately we’re seeing this type of development in suburban settings like Promontory in Overland Park. Mixed-use developments provide ease and convenience for tenants who want the ‘Live-Work-Play’ lifestyle. The walkability and amenities of mixed-use spaces such as in-house gyms, pools, retail and entertainment is in response to the market and demands of the new generation of tenants.

We know what the trends are, so what’s the next step to get us there? “…I think we’re stuck in a two decade-old paradigm,” says Honomichl. To really be successful in this new age of technology, we have to have broadband accessibility.

Smart City Initiatives

Kansas City has become one of the nation’s top smart cities in recent years. Local leadership has worked hard to attract major technology influencers like Google and Amazon. “Communities who focus on the tech revolution are going to be the winners,” says Kevin Honomichl. We invite you to listen to more ways our lifestyles are changing as we begin shifting to a new era technology. Check out the The Future of Living Podcast. Be sure to leave a review and follow the Future of Living podcast for future episodes.

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