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Fiber to the Home (FTTh)


FTTH Design in Springfield, MO

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For the FTTH Design in Springfield, MO project, BHC worked to facilitate the design, construction and implementation of a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network connecting more than 113,000 residents in Springfield, MO with high-speed fiber access. BHC performed pre-design data validation, constriction ride out (CRO) and joint use survey services. Initial input data validation ensured the designers were working from accurate existing datasets, decreasing the need for significant change at the construct-ability review. The CRO effort was preformed to assess the constructability and accuracy of the fiber design. BHC leveraged both desktop and mobile geo-spatial applications allowing staff to validate aerial/underground routing and equipment placement within the set schema allowing design feedback and iterations to be communicated seamlessly. The joint use survey team collected all necessary information to allow for pole loading analysis to be performed. 

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