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I-35 CMP Rehab Assessment

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BHC was selected by KDOT to verify the location of corrugated metal pipes (CMPs) along and under 16 miles of interstate 35 southwest of the US 59 S interchange. KDOT had realized they were uncertain as to how many CMPs were still in place along I-35 and whether they needed repair, lining, or replacement. With existing records and GIS field collection expertise, BHC identified where CMPs were in place and updated the GPS coordinates for finding them in the future. BHC uses video inspection on each CMP to assess condition and need for rehabilitative action. BHC also checks each pipe’s hydrology and hydraulics to identify any flow capacity issues. Based on the assessment, BHC will provide a written summary with needed, corrective actions. KDOT may be interested in BHC preparing construction documents for these actions to meet their pavement maintenance schedule.

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