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Fiber to the Cell, Business, Etc. (FTTx)


Loop Media Hub – Gigabit Main Street

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The Loop Media Hub project is in the University City area of St. Louis, MO. It brings fiber connectivity and ultra high-speed internet access to this community in conjunction with a trolley car development project. BHC has been a part of the project since the project conception and has provided consulting, route planning, outside plant engineering (OSP) and construction drawings to bring the project to construction. BHC has worked with the development group, Sandel and Associates, as well as the trolley development organization to ensure all stakeholders’ concerns are taken into consideration for the implementation of the project. This required substantial reporting, site visits and conference calls to coordinate all the necessary efforts. Due to its close proximity to Washington University, the Loop Media Hub project is expected to benefit students as well as attract innovation and new jobs to the Delmar Loop area. 

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