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Public Works

Roadway Modernization


Merriam Drive (Johnson Drive to 55th Street)

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BHC was selected by the City of Merriam to provide engineering design and surveying services for approximately 2,800 FT of Merriam Drive, from Johnson Drive to 55th Street. Following an earlier area plan done by the City, BHC developed construction plans for adding on-street parking, widening sidewalks, adding raised crosswalks, updating street lighting, traffic signal improvements, and enhancing public spaces for City functions and community events. BHC also performed a topographic survey to determine right-of-way lines, property lines, and easement limits prior to starting work. Special off-street accommodations are also being added to provide parking and power for food trucks and other vendors. Extensive dialogue was had with City staff, elected officials, adjacent property owners, and City residents in order to address concerns and maximize benefits to the community. 

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