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Our team of experts meet the demands of today’s telecommunications and utilities needs by delivering a wide range of services on projects of all sizes and complexities, on-time and within budget. From project conception to completion - you can count on us.


Creating Connections.

We build the internet. To be more specific, we design the fiber routes that cross land and sea creating networks. Since the 90’s our team of experts have been engineering routes that connect people around the world allowing innovation to thrive and economies the chance to grow. As fiber becomes more of a need than a want, BHC is ready to deliver to neighborhoods near and far. 

We Can Do Pretty Much Anything

Service Types:
  • Topo Surveying & Base Mapping
  • LiDAR Mapping
  • Civil and Environmental Permitting
  • Inventories & Asset Management
  • Title and Easement Acquisition
  • Traffic Control Design
  • Plan & Profile Drawings
  • Geotechnical Studies

Meet Our Diversified Utilities Portfolio

When it comes to Utilities, we have done it all. No matter your industry or timeline, we are here to meet your needs while delivering world-class customer service without a problem.

Project Category
  • Joint Use/Pole Analysis
  • Construction Administration
  • Utility Coordination & Relocations
  • Oceanic Cable Landing
  • GIS Mapping
  • Equipment Shelters
  • Fiber to the Cell, Business, Etc. (FTTx)
  • Fiber to the Home (FTTh)
  • Pre-Engineering Studies
  • Fiber Long Haul
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