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Detailed specifications. Layers of applicable codes and regulations. We get that.

We also get that Public Works projects directly impact the quality of life in the communities we serve together. Our planning process focuses on working in harmony with communities, and making meaningful positive changes for the people that live in them.

Communities projects are generational investments, and we design them that way. Let us be your partner in building the foundation of your community’s future. We are ideally suited to handle all of your public works projects including:


Public works projects provide a vital service to the people they serve and are the foundation on which a community builds its future. These are generational community investments, and we design them that way. Let us be your partner in building the foundation of your community’s future.


Being mindful of and mitigating the environmental impact of projects is table stakes for us, and every step of the planning process considers this. We take our role in protecting the water we drink and the air we breathe seriously. Through professional partnerships with our customers, we create and implement integrated plans that efficiently meet their engineering, environmental, and construction objectives.


There is a problem with buried utilities being abandoned in place without adequate documentation or oversight. Owners can be difficult to find and laws are inconsistent and lack enforcement. So why is this happening?  Click to request this presentation.

Featured Public Works Projects

Complete Streets
Arterial & Thoroughfare
Construction Inspection
Rural Roadways
Traffic Engineering & Signals
Sidewalks & Trails
Stormwater & Drainage


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